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Wide range of indications and materials – you select- we produce!

Each indication presents different demands on the material used. With the i-ProDens manufacturing service, you can therefore choose from various materials – always keeping the goal in mind of creating highly aesthetic, well tolerated and resilient dentures.

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From what kind of materials can you choose?

Zirconium dioxide HTE

HTE = high translucent esthetic – up to 3 units

An ultra-translucent material – for brilliant aesthetics, whether for glazed, veneered or monolithic restorations in the anterior and posterior areas.

The “esthetic” line with cubic zirconium dioxide: 9 shades that offer high translucency for brilliant aesthetics. This lighter, ultra-translucent material helps you create restorations with the aesthetics and internal brilliance of natural teeth.

Zirconia HTE provides an extra touch of translucency for brilliant aesthetics that seem to glow from within.

Zirconium dioxide HT

HT = high translucent – up to 16 units

A translucent material based on the chromatic dentine core, perfectly suited for veneering.

The right match: in addition to our three group colours, we offer the full range – the 9 dentine shades provide an excellent base for ceramic layering. Here’s why: if you start with a “standard” A3 shade, it will take greater effort to replicate the more chromatic dentine core covered by lighter enamel. The A3 shade of Zr HT, however, is more intense, which simplifies layering thanks to a good dentine base.

For Zirconia HT, we selected 9 shades based on the more chromatic colouring of dentine. This provides you with the perfect dentine base for ceramic layering in a lighter shade – just like natural teeth.

Zirconia HT is perfectly suited for veneering. For monolithic restorations Zirconia Multilayer or HTE should be used as an alternative.

Zirconium dioxide ML

ML = Multilayer translucent –  up to 16 units

Zirconia Multilayer translucent is perfectly suited for the production of monolithic crowns as well as for veneering.

The flowing shade transitions and the four-layer structure of the multilayer zirconium dioxide enables direct application of V-Shades A1 – A3 to Shade A, V-Shades B1 – B3 to Shade B, and V-Shades C1 – C3 to Shade C. The details of the position (top, centre or bottom) depend on the height of the framework, because higher frameworks may restrict the positioning.

Zirkonium dioxide tr

tr = translucent – up to 7 untis

light, medium, intensive – Zirconia translucent is suited for veneering as well as for monolithic restorations.

The extremely high translucency and tooth-coloured shading make Zirconia translucent an excellent alternative to non-precious metal all-cast crowns – especially in the posterior dental region.

Zirconium dioxide ST

ST = semi translucent – up to 16 units

Zirconia ST is perfectly suited for veneering.

The high performance ceramic Zirconia ST is a white to tooth-shade material and is perfectly suited for veneering. For monolithic restorations Zirconia Multilayer or HTE is the preferred option.

Cobalt-chrome SLM

With CoCr SLM all delicate structures of your design will be built.

Cobalt-chrome alloys are ceramic bonding alloys with which you can produce a smooth, ready-to-veneer frame with no trouble at all.

The CoCr frameworks manufactured with the selected laser melting (SLM) additive production process are as homogeneous and accurately fitting as perfectly cast non-precious metal crowns and bridges.

Cobalt-chrome milled

With CoCr milled your frameworks are worked out shiny, already.

The subtractive milling process for framework structures, telescopes and fully anatomic units is characterised by its extremely smooth surfaces.

Lithium disilicate

A material, perfectly suited for veneering.

Lithium disilicate complements the all-ceramic product range for high-quality single-tooth restorations. LiSi is available  in 16 dentin-shades and in bleach-white in low translucency.

The fact that the products are made from the tried-and-tested IPSe.max® CAD blanks from Ivoclar Vivadent and the sophisticated grinding strategy ensures that you receive LiSi in an outstanding quality.


Polymethyl methacrylate temp/ cast

From PMMA temp patients receive tooth-coloured temporary restorations.

Production Times

in working days including order receipt day