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Wide range of indications and materials – you select – we produce!
Implantology and aesthetic dentistry are inseparable in dental technology and the dental industry. The same is true for our I-Products and the implant systems of your choice! With the customised abutments and superstructures as the base, implant prosthetics form a stress-free link between the two areas. Implant prosthetics are the ideal basis for dentures with high-quality aesthetics.

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You can select from following I-Products:

I-Bridge®/ I-Bridge® X

The original angulated solution now offers upgraded aesthetics – and the smallest screw channel on the market.

I-Bridge X
  • Only one screwdriver for both angled and regular screw channels
  • The smallest screw channel with 2.4 mm on the market
  • Angulation up to 30° possible
Better aesthetics – more flexibility – more efficient!
  • Exactly as per your design
  • Compatible with all leading implant systems
  • Enhanced finishing
I-Bridge CoCr as Hybrid – highest precision!
  • Exactly as per your design
  • CoCr SLM for delicate retentions, holes and pins 
Built with SLM-process & and milled afterwards
  • In cases where implant connections are positioned very close together
  • Milling for smoother surfaces
I-Bridge CoCr milled
Built with SLM-process

Choose from the following materials:

Zirconia ST available only for limited implant systems.


Use the advantages of customised I-Butments over standard abutments: resulting in better aesthetics and increased patient satisfaction. We guarantee you top quality, a perfect fit and accuracy to your specifications with CAD/CAM production.

  • CoCr I-Butments can be veneered directly.
  • Zirconia I-Butments on interface are available in all i-ProDens’ types of Zirconia.


A reliable primary structure for a dental restoration that can be removed under certain conditions.

Individual – no limts – as per your design!
  • Suitable for many indications and widely available implant systems.
  • Different attachment types can be integrated.
  • No limitations in terms of number of implants per jaw.
  • The CAD design process remains in your hands.
  • Stable bar walls thanks to angling of the screw channel by up to 25° on I-Bar angled

Design Service for I-Products:

Available via our order form in the download area.

Production Times

in working days including order receipt day