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Implant prosthetics - the perfect accessories

Titanium bonding bases, analogues, scanbodies and instruments

The perfect accessories for your implant prosthetics: You select – we will deliver!

Order your accessories directly with your implant prosthetics from our production centre – or via our Online-Shop. Simply click on the orange button:

Titanium bonding bases – Dynamic TiBase®

Dynamic TiBase® – for angled screw channels of up to 45°

Dynamic Abutment Solutions is considered the pioneer of angled screw channels on titanium bonding bases. An unfavourable implant position is easily compensated with this solution and an aesthetically optimal restoration is achieved.

This is what distinguishes the Dynamic TiBase®:

  • screw access from 0° to 45°,
  • suitable for implant abutments made of zirconium,
    metal, PMMA,
  • compatible with all common implant systems,
  • perfect adaptation of the prosthetic connection with the implant,
  • one screwdriver for all implant systems,
  • the grade 5 titanium bases are gold anodised to improve the working aesthetics.

One screw of your choice:

  • Dynamic screw for angulation
  • Straight screw for the regular screw channel

If you do not make a choice, you will automatically receive a Dynamic screw with your titanium bonding base.

Precision manufacturing

up to +/- 5 microns

Side cut

allows the entrance of screw and screwdriver for the angled screw channel.

Dynamic Screws

are equipped with the hexalobular screw head – regardless of the implant system.

Analogues from nt-trading

for the production of implant models in the analogue and digital workflow

Regardless of the method of your implant model production at i-ProDens you can choose from the high-precision analogues from the company nt-trading. For a printed model in the digital process the digital analogue DIM*- Analog® is the right one.

This is what makes DIM*-Analog® so special:

  • precise positioning
  • position correction possible
  • removable gingiva parts
  • made of stainless steel and titanium

Lab-Analogues Standard

For plaster models, choose from the large range of the high-precision standard

Scanbodies – cara® Scanbody SCAB & 3D-Guide®

Highest precision begins with the ideal scanbody.

Every detail is crucial on the way to perfect restoration. Scanbodies help you to design the implant prosthetics and to transfer the implant position exactly during scanning.

Here are the advantages of the scanbodies:

  • fast 1-point matching
  • flexible – can be referenced in any screw-in position
  • large selection for all common implant systems
  • reliable and precise due to high-quality PEEK plastic with stainless steel connection geometry and low tolerance of only 2-3μm
  • compatible with current library of i-ProDens material file for 3Shape® – now also for nt-trading DIM*- Analog®

The scanbodies can be used extraorally as well as intraorally and can be sterilised for immediate use in the mouth.


cara® is a registered trademark of Kulzer GmbH.


Perfectly coordinated with the i-ProDens assortment.

The wide range of high quality screwdrivers and other accessories are coordinated with the products available from i-ProDens.

Always suitable for your screws:

The screwdrivers are made of stainless steel and can be used with a handpiece or a torque wrench.

For the Dynamic screws with the always same hexalobular connection, you can choose the Dynamic screwdriver from three different lengths:

  • 18mm
  • 24mm
  • 32mm

The Dynamic screwdrivers can therefore be used both for the titanium bonding bases with Dynamic screws  as well as for our screw-retained implant  bridges and bars, i-Bridge X and i-Bar X.

Handle and torque wrench are also available.

* i-ProDens has been granted the right to use the trademarks “i-Bridge”, “i-Bar”, and “i-Butment” in the Member States of the European Union. This excludes use in Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Lithuania, and Sweden, where the trademarks “Implant Bridge”, “Implant Bar” and “Abutment” are used instead; the same applies to Liechtenstein and Norway.

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