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Notes on the i-ProDens material file update for your 3Shape Dental System*

Why is the new i-ProDens material file update particularly important now?

Because the transition phase of the order transfer from Kulzer to i-ProDens will end in December 2020. With the updates since January 2020, you are already sending your orders in the 3Shape software directly to i-ProDens.

Attention: Please note that it can only be installed from version 2014! However, manual conversion to i-ProDens is possible at any time.

Please note: If you are using individual settings, please do always perform a backup before the update.

These are the changes for you:

New materials:
  • i-PD Zirconia ML:
    in colours A light/dark, B light/dark, C light/dark, D light, with the indication of the positioning in the blank (up, middle, down)
    -> replaces ML Shade A, B, C
  • i-PD PMMA:
    in colours A1, A2 A3
    -> replaces PMMA medium
Implant libraries were reduced to 3 libraries:
  • i-Bridge/X/Bar
  • i-Butment Ti
  • i-Butment CoCr

All implant libraries contain:

  • high amount of scan bodies (e.g. NT-Trading, Medentika, SCAB, Elos)
  • clear selection thanks to uniform naming
  • all available implant systems
Service Option „Express“

Order by 12 a.m., shipment the same day for the following indications/materials:

  • crowns and bridges up to 4 units/ CoCr milled
  • one-piece i-Butments/ CoCr milled and Titanuim
  • two-piece i-Butments/ CoCr milled
  • splints / PMMA
  • tertiary constructions available as material „i-PD SLM Partial“ as „coping“.
  • i-PD RPD Frame CoCr SLM available as basic (supports removed) – and as standard (sandblasted)

The following materials will be removed:

  • Herador SLM (material has not been used)
  • i-PD Temp PMMA medium (replaced by i-PD PMMA including colours)

Is this your first material file update since Januar 2020?

If you have not carried out a material update since January 2020, now is the ideal time to bring your system up to date. You will then also benefit from the following previously offered changes:

  • renaming of the materials from „cara“ to „i-PD“
  • new indication: i-PD RPD Frame CoCr SLM
  • new indication: i-PD Splint PMMA


And this is how you carry out the update:

  • You will see a pop-up window asking you to install the updates.
  • If you use individual settings please save them before the update.
  • Perform the update.

Alternatively click on the small green arrow for updates or go via the control panel and follow the procedure on the following instructions:


Notes on the i-ProDens material file update for 3Shape Dental System*

* 3Shape Dental System is a registered trademark of 3Shape A/S.

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